Sanford, North Carolina


Boone Brands located in Sanford, North Carolina traces its heritage back to the pre-World War II era and the Patterson family. Sanford knew the Patterson’s as hard working people with an interest in serving the local community.  The Patterson’s Grocery Store and Patterson’s Meat Packing Company in Sanford were well known throughout the area.

The war ended and consumers wanted more convenience.  Patterson’s redirected their focus and used their meat packing expertise and grocery knowledge to develop the first canned hot dog chili sauce in the region.  Patterson’s insisted on the highest quality at a value price.  Patterson’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce 8 oz. was developed and canned in Sanford with the first ingredient listed as beef.    Patterson’s Beef Hot Dog Chili soon became a local favorite.  Retail grocery store distribution was gained in North and South Carolina.

 Manufacturing Began In 1942

The latest Boone Brands product is Texas Tailgate Hot Dog Chili Sauce in both mild and hot versions.  These are value priced sauces designed to fit any budget. Thank you for visiting the Boone Brands website and thank you for your patronage of Boone Brands products.

Sanford, North Carolina is still the home for all Boone Brands products. Boone Brands production facility is at the same address now for the past 40 years.  The production facility has recently been certified at a SQF2 rating receiving an excellent rating.   Each Boone Brands product is made with the highest quality standards for premium quality.  The Boone Brands mission is “to strive to place a Boone Brands product in every kitchen cupboard in America, by producing superior value for our customers, as a result of our commitment to continuous improvement, and the manufacture of safe quality foods”.

In 2015 the company changed its name to Boone Brands. The Patterson’s brand is now a part of the Boone Brands family of products.  These additional brands now include Patterson’s, Mrs. Fearnow’s, Texas Tailgate, Rose, Beverly, Harold’s, Hilton’s and Harris.  More information about each brand and product as well as a shopping cart are included in this website.

The grocery supermarket industry grew and stores became more sophisticated.   Patterson’s Meat Packing Company exited the meat processing business in the 1970’s. Patterson’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce stayed true to its original recipe promoting great taste at a fair price.  Transition over the past years has included the purchase of several brands.

Company History